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ETS banking and post office keyboard terminals / teller stations are built around the proven eKrypto™ Secure Transaction Keyboard (STKB) Terminals platform. These keyboards have been designed to support the most demanded media reading, device footprint and ergonomic operator efficiency requirements of the modern bank teller counter. The philosophy is simple - maximum functionality, productivity and product life for minimum space and hassle.

ETS solutions dramatically increase bank and post office teller counter efficiency by the integration of a variety of payment media into a single housing including keyboard, smart card, magnetic card and cheque scanner / image reader with support for both Thin and Fat Client environments. Through combining a unique single cable technology, reduced counter space, remote download of updates, secure remote key management and latest version PCI / EMV PIN Pads, ETS has developed a range of secure teller equipment to meet the demand for fast, accurate and secure retail banking transactions. The eKrypto™ range includes Biometric PCI & EMV PIN Pads & Keyboards, Electronic Signature Pads and Secure Imaging Devices all built around the eKrypto™ Secure Device Communication software suite with optional J/XFS / XFS Middleware and EMV 4.2 Level 2 Kernel.

All eKrypto™ retail banking products are Retail Teller Platform Secure Products loaded with own unique PKI certificate, certified to the latest PCI & Industry Standards where relevant and designed to transform the Retailer Teller Counter business into a more efficient PROFIT generating source, by saving 'Teller Time' and using this saved 'Client Face Time' to sell more banking or other products.

eKrypto™ Teller Keyboard Terminals and PIN Pads are designed to meet the unique needs of bank and post office teller counters. A single teller station can include Teller Optimised Keyboard, Secure Teller Logon (including optional Biometric), Secure Customer Card Reading, Secure Document (A6/A4) / Cheque Capture, GlidePoint - Mouse device, Downstream USB Ports and Secure Port for Connected PCI 2.1 Compliant PIN Pad all supported by a Single Cable To The Workstation, Remote Programmable, Plug & Play and with unique Digital Certificate / Serial Number for Secure Remote Device Estate Management! 

The eKrypto™ Teller Keyboard Terminal range comes with the smallest industry footprint available in a single enclosure, with a very real environment benefit over alternate standalone, disposable Teller Equipment – eKrypto™ long life best of breed components (e.g. 50 million operation key switch), single cable, remote maintenance, 'Paper to Data', increased operator efficiency for fixed branch energy overhead and end of life disposal. One product lasting 12 years has less environmental impact than 3 products lasting 4 years.

The new eKrypto™ PINphab meets the very latest industry standards including PCI PTS POI 5.1 and EMV 4.2 and has been developed with the very specific needs of the bank & post office teller position in mind.

All eKrypto™ products are automatically configurable to the Retail Teller Platform for installation and ease of maintenance, are secure remote programmable and have the longest possible industry life for all key switches and integrated device readers. Biometric options are available on all products. EMV 4.2 Level 2 Kernel available on request.

Several of the ETS core team have in excess of 20 years international experience in developing banking keyboards. As a result of many years custom manufacturing experience our team are in pole position to help design the optimum solution to meet unique client functional needs whether from our eKrypto™ Secure Transaction Keyboard (STKB) Terminals range or a custom hardware / software solution based on our eKrypto™ Secure Device Communication (SDC) platform. eKrypto™ Secure Transaction Keyboard (STKB) Terminals bring innovation and improved customer operational efficiencies. Examples include key layout and support of programmable keys for banks to ideally suit the associated application and most common functions. The integration of automated document reading solutions at the teller helps cut queues by up to 30% ensuring happier customers and allowing more time for the Teller to promote other services – “The Teller Becomes a Seller”.  Other innovations include fully remote in application programmable functionality, combined with secure storage and management of PKI and 3DES keys providing significant maintenance, security and future proofing benefits.

Key eKrypto™ Banking Teller Station Benefits: 

  1. PCI & EMV Compliant PIN Pads & Keyboards
  2. Read All Financial Card Formats – Smart, Contactless & Magnetic
  3. Hot Swappable  - Quickly add Extra Positions / Limit Downtime
  4. Secure Biometric & Card Logon For Teller & Customer
  5. Compact Clutter Free Single Cable Ergonomic Design
  6. Remote Maintenance – Single Source For Integrated Devices
  7. Remote Programmable Teller Technology
  8. Future Proof Teller Functionality
  9. Paper To Data
  10. Free Teller To Be Seller

For further information on the eKrypto™ Secure Transaction Keyboard (STKB) Terminals range please click on the specific keyboard links below and / or email sales@eKrypto.com to discuss your specific requirements in more detail.

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