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The Electronic Trade Solutions eKrypto™ range includes both the eKrypto™ PINphab, a PCI PTS POI 5.1 compliant PIN Pad with support for electronic National ID cards, and eKrypto™ PCI module solutions based on the PINphab technology to ensure fastest time to market for those seeking to develop a PCI PTS POI 5.1 compliant device.

PINphab features include EMV 4.2 Smart Card Reader, EMV 2.6 Contactless Card Reader, Linux OS, full colour 480x272 widescreen backlit TFT touchscreen display, plus optional 3 Track Encrypted Magnetic Stripe Reader, Match On Card Fingerprint Sensor (FIDO options for cryptocurrency support) and EMV QR Code Scanner. Further features include full height privacy shield for secret PIN entry, vertical stylus holder slot and sloped ergonomic signing surface.

The new eKrypto™ PINphab PIN Pad is ideal for Retail Bank / Post Teller, Government – National ID, Hospitality and Healthcare counter requirements. The PINphab embraces the eKrypto™ Paper to Data philosophy allowing the capture and verification of electronic signatures, viewing of forms/conditions text on the colour touchscreen, display of user instructions on touchscreen, graphical user touch interface to support multiple service offerings, chip card reader for credit/debit/ID card, optional biometric fingerprint sensor and all in a PCI compliant device with integrated keypad for PIN entry and integrated full height privacy shield. The eKrypto™ PINphab has a 4.3" colour touchscreen and supports Linux Apps, including electronic signature capture.

This compact and highly durable device can perform Offline / Online PIN / Fingerprint and Signature verification, thereby allowing multi factor authentication and supporting the move to a paper free environment. If facial recognition (morphology) is required please contact us directly to discuss this option.

The eKrypto™ PINphab is the optimum device for electronic National ID applications from enrolment right through to digital signature applications with a myriad of biometric options available and intuitive design with large colour screen for user direction.

The eKrypto™ PINphab is designed around the i.MX7 Dual Core Microcontroller (ARM architecture with focus on low-power consumption) for multimedia applications.

The rich and versatile feature-set makes the PINphab a powerful platform for a wide range of industrial and financial applications such as point-of-sale, bank / post teller counter, National ID, healthcare and IoT gateways.

The eKrypto™ PINphab has a 4.3 inch Full-Colour 480 x 272 Widescreen Backlit TFT Display, Chip Card Reader and Contactless Card Reader (NFC, ISO 14443, plus optional Mifare, PayPass / PayWave & Contactless Passport support). The display can provide extended user information, terms or advertisements under software control and prompt user to present card, enter PIN, Signature, Fingerprint or perform other action. Electronic Signature Verification, 3 Track Magnetic Stripe Reader, and Fingerprint Sensor (Match On Card) options. J/XFS & XFS Middleware Drivers and EMV Level 2 Kernels also available.

Technology Benefits

• PIN Verification
• PKI Enabled (Up to 4096 bits)
• 3DES Enabled
• AES Enabled
• Secure Remote Key Loading
• Secure Remote Firmware Update
• Tamper Responsive Housing
• Full Height Privacy Shield

• 16 Key PIN Pad with Online / Offline PIN Support
• USB Serial Host Interface
• Smart Card Reader (500,000 reader inserts)
• Contactless Card Reader
• 4.3 inch Full-Colour 480 x 272 Widescreen Backlit TFT Touchscreen Display (95 x 54 mm Active Area)
• Colour LCD can display customer focused adverts / messages and present contract terms allowing customer to sign electronically with verifiable recorded signature (Optional)

• Fingerprint Sensor For Biometric Identification – CMOS Active Capacitance (Optical Sensor & FIDO options also available) (*)
• Magnetic Stripe Reader 3 Track (Encrypting, PCI Compliant) (*)
• Wi-Fi / Bluetooth as host interface (*)
• EMV QR Code Scanning (*)
• Contactless Passport Reading (*)
• Electronic Signature Verification
• Power: External 5.0V/3A Power Supply (*)
• Active low-power, rugged EM pen, 1024 pressure level (*)
• Housing Colour & Client Logo Printing Options (*)

(*)  Factory Installed Option

The eKrypto™ PINphab PIN Pad with eID support offers a fresh new approach to meet the evolving Retail / Teller / Government counter needs with the 4.3 inch colour touchscreen supporting a far greater range of services for the user such as electronic signature, user guidance, digital signage to promote new products & of course all in a PCI compliant PIN Pad with the smallest possible footprint!

For further information on eKrypto™ PIN Pads and PCI Consulting / PCI OEM device development services please follow the product family links to the right of this page / above and email sales@eKrypto.com to further discuss how best we can help achieve your project goals. 

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