PCI Consulting

Electronic Trade Solutions (ETS) is a leader in the development of PCI SRED and PCI PTS POI / EMV and electronic National ID OEM devices and software for partners and OEM's. ETS also now welcome designers of mobile apps for COTS devices for whom we can implement the SCRP component of SPoC solutions.

Through our PCI and EMV OEM device development services we help our partners realise their own solutions based on ETS experience, ensuring shortest possible time to market in a smooth, supportive and standards compliant manner with project goals accomplished on time and on budget. Indeed, ETS was a SESAMES Awards 2016 Finalist in both the Retail and eTransactions categories for the TableSafe RAIL, a major success for our PCI OEM Device Development Services Team!

This PCI PTS POI / PCI SRED / EMV / National ID consulting expertise extends from hardware / firmware design, EMV Level 1, right through to POS applications, EMV Level 2 Kernel and device middleware development.

ETS doesn’t just support projects from design to certification but beyond with consulting services to ensure certified devices are manufactured in a PCI compliant manner as well as ongoing support for PCI delta revisions to allow the addition of new features and upgrades.

ETS has developed bespoke PCI certified devices, from pocket sized mPOS solutions to full feature desktop devices such as the eKrypto™ PINphab with secure integrated contact / contactless card readers, biometric fingerprint & signature readers, digital signing, electronic National ID card support and touchscreen LCD. We can also support integration of EMV QR code reading and FIDO solutions for payment (including cryptocurrencies) by biometric.

ETS develop EMV Level 1 Contact and Contactless solutions for customers developing own devices and seeking a fully EMV compliant solution. ETS can also supply EMV Level 2 Contact and Contactless kernels if required. Furthermore ETS welcome enquiries for support with FeliCa and MIFARE solution development.

At ETS we pride ourselves in helping our clients successfully implement their complex projects on time from design stage through to certification and beyond.

For further information on ETS Consulting Services please email sales@eKrypto.com to discuss how best we can help you achieve your project goals.


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