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Electronic Trade Solutions (ETS), is a leader in the development of PCI SRED, PCI PTS POI (POS PED) and EMV devices and software both for our partners and our own range of eKrypto™ PIN pads, custom bank teller keyboards and PCI compliant call centre keyboards.

PCI and EMV consulting is a key area for ETS, helping partners realise their own solutions based on ETS experience, ensuring shortest possible time to market in a smooth, supportive and standards compliant manner with project goals accomplished on time and on budget. This PCI SRED / PCI PTS POI / EMV consulting expertise extends from hardware / firmware design right through to POS applications, EMV Level 2 Kernel and device middleware development.

ETS also provide innovative consulting services for the interconnectivity of intelligent devices and software with a strong emphasis on but not exclusively the integration of our eKrypto™ technology (including PCI compliant module), application and firmware changes to the eKrypto™ SDC software suite to ensure optimum performance and functionality for partner systems, development of Middleware Device Services, EMV 4.3 Level 2 Kernel and custom devices with secure integrated contact / contactless card readers, biometric readers and electronic signing / display touchscreen LCDs.

We specialise in helping our clients successfully implement their complex projects on time from the design stage through to certification, production and maintenance.

ETS are delighted to be supporting the very exciting TableSafe RAIL 2 project. ETS has supported this project in the following areas:

• ETS provide product development consulting over-sight to assist TableSafe and its design partners develop a portable payment system designed especially for restaurants that meets all necessary PCI and EMV requirements. These include:
o Electrical architecture and schematic
o Mechanical design and layout
o Low level security software
o High level security software

• ETS provide direct interface with PCI compliance agencies and labs on TableSafe’s behalf including:
o PCI PTS + SRED for a PCI 4.1 PED approved terminal certification
o EMV 4.3 L1 contact certification
o EMV 4.3 L2 contact and contactless (consulting only)

• ETS provide direct design and software development for TableSafe including
o Develop basic security system architecture and write security level firmware
o Develop file management system
o Develop the field upgrade system OTA
o Install and train manufacturing personnel on security procedures and HSM (hardware security module) for encryption key installation in a secure environment

ETS was a SESAMES Awards 2016 Finalist in both the Retail and eTransactions categories for the TableSafe RAIL, a major success for our PCI OEM Device Development Services Team!


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