Integration of Peripheral Devices in Teller Keyboards

ETS is pleased to announce that the new eKrypto™ SDC (Secure Device Communication) software suite is a major step forward in ETS drive to help Banks / Post Offices make the Retail Counter a Profit Center by Maximising Revenue Potential Per Client Minute Spent in the Branch. While the bank customer is in the retail branch they are a captive audience and therefore it is essential that the customer's needs are handled as efficiently as possible in order to ensure customer confidence and satisfaction. Speedy handling of core low value banking functions allow more time to focus on flagging and meeting new customer requirements as they arise. The best means to achieve this is to free up the Teller to be a Seller. The Retail Branch Teller is the frontline friendly face, eyes and ears of the bank. Freeing up Teller concentration through optimising the efficiency of Teller Counter devices to allow more time to focus on the Customer ensures Greater Customer Satisfaction, Faster Queues and Greater Opportunity for Teller to interact with Customer and flag up cross / up selling opportunities - FOREX, Car Loans, Insurance, etc. or indeed customer concerns to ensure potential challenges are flagged early and averted.

The ETS integrated peripheral approach in the teller keyboard leads to smallest possible total footprint with least cable clutter, increased security as less cabling is exposed, greater reliability as integrated peripheral devices and associated connectors are not getting moved around the counter. These compelling benefits are largely made possible by the eKrypto™ SDC software that when combined with the eKrypto™ Core chipset ensures secure communication between integrated devices and provides support for multiple platform options - Thin or Fat Client, USB and RS232 Serial support for legacy bank infrastructure.

The eKrypto™ SDC  allows the integration and management of peripheral devices within a single housing while the external USB downstream port allows PIN Pad, receipt printer or other external peripherals to work via the keyboard and further reduces the banks cost by minimising cabling infrastructure and independent power supply. As a result of these benefits ETS can now offer custom solutions incorporating MSR, MICR, OCR, SCR, LCD and other devices such as Biometric Fingerprint Sensors as required, all contained and controlled securely within a single keyboard housing. The eKrypto™ SDC software also enables these integrated devices to be future proofed via remote upgrade of firmware and software to the various peripheral devices where IAP (In Application Programming) is allowed.

The eKrypto™ SDC software suite was developed to help Banks and Post Offices Improve Teller Efficiency, Improve Customer Experience and Maximise Revenue Potential Per Client Minute Spent in the Branch. The key benefits are:

  • Improve Teller efficiency
  • Limit Device Footprint required for Teller positions
  • Improve Professional Look of Teller Positions
  • Speedy and Secure Paper Media handling
  • Enable Secure Operator Logon
  • Enable secure compliant Chip & Magnetic Card handling
  • Enable Digital Signature handling
  • Improve customer experience
  • Free up Teller to become ‘Seller’
  • Maximise Security and Innovation Business Benefits Through New Technology Adoption

For further information on our eKrypto™ Secure Device Communication software suite please, view the PDF datasheet below, visit our products page or email

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