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eKrypto Secure Transaction Compact Teller Keyboard Terminal

eKrypto Secure Transaction Compact Teller Keyboard Terminal

The eKrypto™ STKB Compact Teller Keyboard Terminal is an Intelligent Cryptographic Keyboard for applications requiring the combination of Secure Logon, Digital Signing and Online / Offline Client PIN Verification via connected eKrypto™ PCI certified Chip&PIN Pad. The eKrypto™ STKB Keyboard has a PCI compliant Encrypting Magnetic Card Reader that can connect to the eKrypto™ PCI Certified Chip&PIN Pad via a dedicated secure port, combining as a single PCI device for secure PCI compliant client card verification. Customer Magnetic Stripe or Hybrid Card is verified on the Keyboard with PIN entered on secure connected PIN Pad. When the client card is Chip only then the client must insert it into the PIN Pad. This seamless solution has been designed and developed specifically for the bank teller counter, allowing the operator to handle and visually verify the client card for increased security, speed of transactions and ease of migration.

The Secure Remote Programmable eKrypto™ STKB Compact Teller Keyboard Terminal provides the ideal solution for Retail Outlets, Secure Access, Bank and Post Office Teller Applications offering 3 Factor Biometric and Smart Card Operator Log-On plus a secure Chip & PIN payment solution when combined with the eKrypto™ PCI PTS POI Certified Chip & PIN Pad. Features include integrated Encrypting Magnetic Card Reader, separate ISO PC/SC compliant Smart Card Reader for Operator Log-On, added 14 Programmable Hot Keys, 2 x 16 LCD for secure messaging and operator PIN entry confirmation, a secure dedicated port for connecting a PCI PIN Pad directly and options include a Fingerprint Sensor for more Secure Biometric Operator Log-On, an integrated 2 button GlidePoint Touchpad pointing device and a high speed USB (480Mbps) downstream port for connecting additional devices such as receipt printer or external mouse.

The Keyboard is secure remote programmable, supporting remote key loading for greater security, maintenance convenience and savings.

Product Applications

The eKrypto™ Web-Enabled Compact Secure Teller Transaction Keyboard Terminal intended for use as:

  • A Compact Bank / Post Office Transaction Keyboard with Integrated Encrypting Magnetic Card Reader that offers a total Teller solution when coupled with the PCI certified eKrypto™ Chip&PIN Pad for client Chip Card PIN Verification.
  • An Intelligent Cryptographic Keyboard for applications requiring the combination of Client ID with Smart Card Reader & PIN Code where access and usage require knowledge and the possession of both PIN / Password and Smart Card. Fingerprint Sensor option available for enhanced Biometric Security.

The eKrypto™ Web-Enabled STKB Compact Teller Keyboard Terminal has an integrated PCI Compliant Encrypting Magnetic Card Reader, ISO 7816 Smart Card Reader, extra 14 Programmable Hot Keys, Dedicated Port for connecting eKrypto™ PCI certified PIN Pad and 2 x 16 character LCD that can prompt the user to enter PIN or perform other actions. Options include a 2 Button GlidePoint Touchpad, Biometric Fingerprint Sensor, 2nd PC/SC EMV Smart Card Reader and an external USB 2.0 High Speed (480Mbps) Downstream Port for connecting additional USB device such as Receipt Printer or external Mouse. XFS and J/XFS Middleware drivers and EMV Level 2 Kernel available on request.

Technology Benefits

• Chip & PIN Reader
• Fingerprint Sensor
• Smart Card Log-On Reader
• Dedicated PIN Pad Port
• PKI, AES & 3DES Enabled
• 2048, 1024, 512 bits

• USB2.0 Bus powered high speed Compact Teller Keyboard
• Downwards compatible with standard USB PC keyboard
• Online/Offline PIN Verification with connected eKrypto™ PIN Pad
• PC/SC compliant Smart Card Reader (500,000 card inserts)
• eKrypto™ STKB Encrypting MSR & PCI PIN Pad combine as Single PCI Device For Client PIN Entry
• Smart Card Reader application Modules for PC/SC EMV
• USB 2.0 High Speed Downstream Port for additional USB device
• Additional 14 Programmable Hot Keys
• Full Win & Office Keyboard
• 2 x 16 LCD Display
• Keystroke life 50 million cycles
• Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / 7 OS supported

Optional Features
• Windows Logon Software + User Cards
• Keyboard Preloaded Operator “PKI Key + Certificate”
• Fingerprint Sensor for Biometric Verification

The eKrypto™ STKB meets the latest hardware security standards and includes fully remote programmable firmware. The Keyboard supports remote key loading and every device in the field can be updated by issuing a revised applet.

For further information click to view the product sheet below and please don't hesitate to contact us at sales@eKrypto.com should you have any comments or questions.


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eKrypto Secure Transaction Compact Teller Keyboard Terminal Product Data Sheet
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